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Vehicle Options 1.2.0

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About This File

All of your vehicle options in a single script (Including High Fly).

Features a vast array of options for vehicle movement, appearance & lighting, as well as some fun stuff :)

Oh, and a speedometer too!

Please leave any feedback or report a bug in the comments below, or via the post on Discord https://discord.com/channels/837707108894900234/1211638649456820245

Installation Instructions:

Method 1: Manual

  1. Download the zipped folder.
  2. Extract the zipped folder to C:\ProgramData\Requiem\Data\Lua.
  3. The folder in your Lua scripts directory should be called "Vehicle Options".
  4. If done correctly, the script should appear under the "Lua Manager" subsection in Requiem.
  5. Enjoy :)

Method 2: WLauncher (If this doesn't work, install the script manually)

  1. Navigate to the "Lua" scripts tab on WLauncher.exe.
  2. Click the download button for the "Vehicle Options" script.

NOTE: When installing a new version, please go to C:\ProgramData\Requiem\Data\Lua\Vehicle Options\VOsettings and delete the old VOSettings.json file, otherwise the new sliders and buttons may not load properly.



Vehicle Movement:

  •  General
    • Horn Boost: Boosts your vehicle forward when you use the horn.
    • Super Drive: Allows you to drive really fast.
      • Apply Laterally: Applies the super drive laterally (sideways) as well.
    • Auto-Flip: Automatically rights your vehicle when it is flipped.
    • Spin: You spin me right round baby!
    • Force Jump V2: An alternate version of the ‘Force Jump’ option.
      • Press or hold [SPACE] to jump.
      • Doesn’t work well with ‘Super Brakes V2’.
    • Super Brakes V2: A more advanced version of the ‘Super Brakes’ option.
      • Lateral Braking: Applies Super Brakes laterally (sideways) as well.
      • Brake using [SPACE], or an opposing movement key.
      • Doesn’t work well with ‘Force Jump V2’.
    • Override Speed Limit: Overrides the in-game default speed limit.
      •  Override Speed Limit Slider: 100 is the default speed limit (540kmh or 335mph).
        • At 5,000 the speed limit exceeds 12,000kmh (7,450mph).
      • Toggling off will restore the default speed limit.
      • Tip: Use together with Horn Boost, Super Drive, or Vehicle Flying.
  • High Fly (Vehicle Flying)
    • Fly: Enable Aeroplane Mode!
    • Keep Velocity: Vehicle keeps moving after input is released.
    • Keep Velocity V2: An alternate version of the keep velocity function (Only works going forward).
    • Disable Collision: Allows the vehicle to pass through objects and terrain (NoClip).
    • Disable Auto-Pitch: Disables the automatic pitch-down movement of the camera.
    • Speed adjustment slider: Adjusts the vehicle’s acceleration/speed (Lower values are more ‘drifty’).

Vehicle Appearance:

  • General
    • Fix Vehicle: Fixes any damage on your vehicle.
    • Vehicle RGB: Enable vehicle RGB.
      • Enable/Disable All
      • RGB Paint: Changes your vehicle’s paint colour to RGB.
      • RGB Neon: Changes your vehicle’s neon colour to RGB.
      • RGB Headlight: Changes your vehicle's headlight colour to RGB.
      • RGB Tire Smoke: Changes your vehicle's tire smoke colour to RGB.
      • RGB Speed (Slider): Adjust RGB cycle speed (lower values are faster).
    • Vehicle Alpha: Sets your vehicle's alpha (Only applies locally :( )
      • Include Player
    • Team Colours: Apply Requiem and W1TCH colours to your vehicle.
  • Speed Visualisers
    • Speed Visualiser: Changes your vehicle’s paint and neon colour based on your speed.
      • Enable/Disable All
      • Neon Visualiser: Changes your vehicle’s neon colour based on your speed.
      • Paint Visualiser: Changes your vehicle’s paint colour based on your speed.
  • Vehicle Lighting
    • Headlight Intensity: Increases the brightness of your headlights (Visible to other players, I think).
    • Vehicle Indicator Lights: Enable Turn Indicators & Hazard Lights.
      • Indicate Left
      • Indicate Right
      • Hazard Lights
    • Neon Effects: Add some cool effects to your vehicle’s neon lights.
      • Note: even though enabling one effect will disable the rest, it is recommended that you turn the current effect off manually before using another effect.
      • Airplane Neon: Makes your vehicle’s neon lights flash in Airplane light pattern.
        • Airbus Neon: Makes your vehicle’s neon lights flash in the Airbus strobe light pattern.
        • Boeing Neon: Makes your vehicle’s neon lights flash in the Boeing strobe light pattern.
        • Navigation Neon: Makes your vehicle’s neon lights flash in an aeroplane navigation light pattern.
      • Cycle Neon: Makes your vehicle’s neon lights flash in a circular pattern.
        • RGB Cycle
      • Pulsing Neon: Makes your vehicle’s neon lights pulse in white or RGB.
        • White Pulse: Makes your vehicle’s neon lights pulse in white.
        • RGB Pulse: Makes your vehicle’s neon lights pulse in RGB.
      • Wave Neon: Makes your vehicle’s neon lights flash in a wave pattern.
        • RGB Wave
      • YO-YO Neon: Makes your vehicle’s neon lights flash in a YO-YO pattern.
        • RGYO-YO
      • Police Lights: Makes your vehicle’s headlights and neon lights flash in police colours.
        • Police Lights V1
        • Police Lights V2

Vehicle Telemetry Display:

  • General
    • Speedometer:
      • M/S: Displays your speed in meters per second (M/S).
      • KM/H: Displays your speed in kilometres per hour (KM/H).
      • MP/H: Displays your speed in miles per hour (MP/H).
      • KT: Displays your speed in knots (KT), because why not.
    • Altimeter:
      • Meters: Displays your altitude in meters.
      • Feet: Displays your altitude in feet.
    • Heading: Displays your heading in degrees.
    • Time To Destination: Displays the estimated time to your waypoint, based on your current speed (Requires you to have a waypoint).
    • Vehicle Health (WIP)
    • X/Y Position & Scale Adjustment: Adjust the X/Y position and the scale of the display.

Driving Kit:

  • Cruise Control: Locks your vehicle's forward speed to a set value.
    • Note: This is a temporary function (At least until I figure out a proper cruise control system utilising W and S instead of the sliders).
    • This system uses the same logic as the VOFS Autopilot speed control.

Fun Options:

  • General
    • Open Doors/Close Doors (WIP): Opens/Closes your vehicle doors (Closing is bugged).
    • Keep Engine Running: Keep the engine running even if you are not in the vehicle.
    • Cycle Horn: Cycle through every horn sound (Inspired by the Horn Spam on LanceScript).
  • Vehicle Acrobatics
    • Kick Flip (WIP)
    • Heel Flip (WIP)
    • Back Flip (WIP)
    • Bounce

Flight Simulator:

  • Realistic Speed: Sets a more true-to-life speed limit.
  • Speedbrakes: Press [S] and [B] together to slow your aircraft down faster.
  • Altitude Hold: Holds your current altitude when [SPACE] is held.
  • Flight Protections: Enables various Flight Envelope Protection systems (Basically stops you from crashing the plane)
    • Pitch Protection: Protects your aircraft from dangerous pitch angles.
    • Roll Protection: Protects your aircraft from dangerous bank angles.
    • CFIT Protection (WIP): Automatically recovers your aircraft when it detects a possible CFIT (Controlled Flight Into Terrain) event.
  • Autopilot: Activates the custom autopilot system.
    • Speed
    • Altitude
    • Heading

Other Options:

  • General
    • Loud Radio (WIP):
    • Toggle Tooltips: Enable tooltips for the script’s options.
      • Toggle Sub-Tooltips: Enable tooltips for sub-options (options within options).
  • Settings
    • Save/Load Settings


  • Giving credit where credit is due.


Known issues:

  • "No Collision" doesn't work.
  • "Loud Radio" doesn't work.
  • "Close Doors" is a bit bugged.

Current Solutions:

  • "No Collision": N/A.


Current Version:

Edited by DaRuskiKhat

What's New in Version 1.2.0   See changelog




  • [Vehicle Movement] Added the "Levitate" option.
  • [Vehicle Movement -> High Fly] Added an alternate "Keep Velocity" option.
  • [Vehicle Appearance] Added "Vehicle Opacity" option (It appears to be local though).
  • [Vehicle Appearance -> Police Lights] Added a 2nd "Police Lights" option.
  • [Driving Kit] Added Driving Kit section.
  • [Flight Simulator] Added Flight Simulator section.


  • [Vehicle Movement -> Override Speed Limit] 100 is now the default speed limit on the slider (It's % based now, whereas before it was in m/s).
  • [Vehicle Appearance] Removed the "Vehicle Invisibility" option (Replaced by Vehicle Opacity, for now).
  • [Vehicle Appearance -> Headlight Intensity] Increased the slider limit (Goes up to 5000 now).
  • [Vehicle Appearance -> Neon Effects] Renamed to NeonFX.
  • [Vehicle Appearance -> NeonFX] Improved the RGB Pulse effect.
  • Misc: Adjusted the natives file.

Bug Fixes:

  • [Vehicle Appearance -> NeonFX] Fixed a few bugs.
  • Reformatted and optimised the locals across all sections (Should be less cluttered and run smoother).

NOTE: When installing a new version, please go to C:\ProgramData\Requiem\Data\Lua\Vehicle Options\VOsettings and delete the old VOSettings.json file, otherwise the new sliders and buttons may not load properly.

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