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  1. Classic Outfit Store

    As best as i can do the original Disturbed Outfit Store. Supports any model.

    Maybe i'll have to rename it to Enhanced Outfit Store since i made some improvements which original outfit store didn't have it in the time.

    At the moment my lua still can break other lua because of the same (remove_option option) bug in D2. So if you can't go back in some lua - try to rename them from LUANAME to z_LUANAME (both lua's folder and .lua file)

    Drop ClassicOutfitStore.lua into "AppData\Roaming\DIS2RBED\Lua\ClassicOutfitStore" folder. You must create the (ClassicOutfitStore) folder if it doesn't exist.
    If you want to enter an outfit name press [Shift+Enter]. If you want to save outfit just press [Enter] (by default)
    Если вы хотите, чтобы Classic Outfit Store был на русском, измените в .lua, local menuLanguage = 0 на local menuLanguage = 1

    In addition for 1.1.7 changelog: added posibility to steal (copy) someone's outfit (and model too. can be toggled in settings)


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  2. Advanced Weapon Options

    Adds a new section with options to the Weapons tab.

    - Advanced Infinite Ammo
    Replenishes each bullet fired and ammunition lost when dying. Does not add any additional ammo. Ammo count always stays the same as a result. Works with all weapons including throwables and the parachute.
    - No Reload
    Eliminates reload on all weapons. Disabled in vehicles.
    - No Spread
    Eliminates random weapon spread. Bullets will always hit where the crosshair is pointed.
    - No Recoil
    PERMANENTLY removes the recoil for the weapon you are currently holding. You will need to RESTART THE GAME in order to reset this.
    - Weapon Damage Multiplier <x%>
    Multiplies the damage of your weapon by <x%> (0-5000).
    - Weapon Range Multiplier <x%>
    Multiplies the range of your weapon by <x%> (0-5000).
    - Projectile Velocity Multiplier <x%>
    Multiplies the muzzle velocity of your weapon by <x%> (0-5000).
    - Projectile Force Multiplier <x%>
    Multiplies the force of projectile fired by <x%> (0-500000).
    - Bullets In Batch <x>
    Fires <x> (1-12) amount of projectiles with every shot. Can be performance intensive and even might crash your game if set too high. I strongly advise you to NOT USE this option while shooting a minigun.
    - Batch Spread <x%>
    Sets how much spread the projectiles in the batch will have. Effectively turns your every weapon into shotgun.
    - Delete Entity Ammo
    Deletes the entity you are shooting at. Deletes peds inside the vehicle first. In order to delete the vehicle itself just keep shooting at it until there is no peds inside.
    - Object Shooter
    Shoots a specified object with customizable velocity every time the weapon is fired. Can spawn up to 100 objects at once. Disabled when using minigun due to stability issues.
    - Add Current Weapon Ammo <x>
    Adds x (0-9999) amount of ammo for the current weapon.
    - Set Current Weapon Ammo <x>
    Sets amount of ammo for the current weapon to x (0-9999).
    - Max Current Weapon Ammo
    Gives maximum allowed amount of ammo for the current weapon.
    - Max Current Weapon Ammo [Toggle]
    Current weapon will always have maximum allowed amount of ammo.
    - Weapon Info Overlay
    Shows you some info about your current weapon.
    How to install:
    - Unzip the AdvancedWeaponOptions.zip into the %appdata%\DIS2RBED\Lua folder.


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  3. Helper

    Welcome to Helper
      How to install? 1. Move "Helper" folder to "%appdata%\DIS2RBED\Lua" 2. When you start DIS2RBED, you will see a notification about the work.   If you encounter any problems, there is an option to reset the heist to its original state (Reset heist). Use this script at your own risk!!!   Is Helper safe? - Helper does not use stats detected by Rockstar anti-cheat.   Video Tutorial - Skip Cooldown for Resupply Delay / Buy & Sell: https://youtu.be/KA2xQGJryG8 - Instant Cayo [ Solo ]: https://youtu.be/6TbTgbBd7eQ - 2.4mil Cayo Perico [ Solo ]: https://youtu.be/Xmgs84PPunU - Cayo Solo: https://youtu.be/yJh8lMZTu_4
    - Fleeca Heist: https://youtu.be/wjUak5EMOjU
      Special Thanks - Antrix and W1TCH team - Helping with some problem - IceDoomfist - His Lua was taken as a basis Heist Control for D2 - jhowkNx and UC (UnknownCheats) - for sharing information about all heist.


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  4. Simple Troll Options

    Simple Troll Option
    Trap Players Send Sounds to Player - only send wasted sounds RC Attacks (Send Swat Team, Send MC Members,Heli,RC car) Explode Player & Explode Loop Known Bugs:
    Send Helicopters Accuracy is like unseen before Clips & Captures:


    YungRichJr for the theme


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  5. D2Lua Script Example

    This script is nothing more than a very small example of using the D2Lua functionality. It will be changed, supplemented, etc. in future.


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  6. Quick Casino Heist

    This tool allows you to complete the Casino Heist within ~4 minutes


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