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RE (Requiem Engine) Setup, Injection Tutorial & Troubleshooting


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Here's a setup tutorial and a brief list of common procedures to follow to avoid problems such as crashes or failed injections.

If you're having issues, make sure to read everything below.

This thread is a work in progress and will be subject to changes and additions as the time goes.

What's in here (in order of appearance):

- Launcher setup & menu injection
- Menu commands keys
- Troubleshooting practices & advices
- Common Errors troubleshooting

Setup & Menu Usage

Setup of the W1TCH Launcher & Menu Injection:

  • Automatic Installation (recommended): 


  • Manual Installation:

Pre-requisite: In order for the W1TCH Launcher to work correctly, .NET Core 3.1 is required, Download Here

You can download the official W1TCH Launcher from Downloads Section

[ 1 ] - Create a folder anywhere on your PC (Desktop will be fine, for example)
IMPORTANT: The path to the launcher must ONLY contain Latin characters! (Unsupported characters include - Cyrillic, Arab, Chinese, Korean, [...] full list here )
For example, if your OS Username contains non-latin characters, make sure to put the Launcher's Folder before, even in C:\ will be fine.

[ 2 ] - Unzip the content of WLauncher.zip in the folder you precedently created

[ 3 ] - Add an Anti Virus / Windows Defender exclusion for the launcher's folder and WLauncher.exe

[ 4 ] - Also add an exclusion for the Requiem folder located in C:\ProgramData\

If you don't know how to add an exclusion here's a list of anti viruses (click on the name to get to the relative tutorial's page):

Windows Defender - Kaspersky - Bitdefender - Norton - McAfee - ESET - Avast - AVG - Malwarebytes

Adding an exclusion is a must, since injection issues (game crashing, menu not injecting at all) are mostly addressed to antivirus protection.


  • Running the launcher & injecting the menu:

[ 1 ] - Open the Launcher as Administrator (Right click on WLauncher.exe -> Run as Administrator) and login using your website Username & Password

[ 2 ] - If the Inject button is grayed out, make sure to have the latest version downloaded, click on the "Download" button or alternatively the "Check update" button. NOTE: The Inject button will stay grayed out until you start GTA.

[ 3 ] - IMPORTANT: Start up the game and load in Story Mode first, once FULLY loaded in, you can press the Inject button on the W1TCH Launcher.

[ 4 ] - Once the Injection is successfull (it takes around 15-30 seconds at most), press F4 in-game to open the menu.

Menu command keys:

F4 - Show/hide the menu
Mouse - Navigate the menu
F5 - Teleport to waypoint
F6 - Teleport to current objective (if possible)

Full hotkeys support is in the works, the list will be updated.


General practices to follow in case injection fails / your game crashes:

[ * ] - Download and install the latest supported VCredist version from the official Microsoft website: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/cpp/windows/latest-supported-vc-redist?view=msvc-170

[ * ] - Delete the Requiem folder located in %programdata% ( C:\ProgramData\ )

[ * ] - Set the GTA graphics to DirectX 11 and if possible Windowed (Borderless/non), eventually you might want to set the graphics to the lowest settings, this might help in case of crashes but it's not required.

[ * ] - Pause Game On Focus Loss should be off (GTA Settings -> Graphics, scroll all the way down and toggle OFF)

[ * ] - If your mouse cursor is stuck in the middle of the screen after injecting the menu, make sure that the "Mouse Input Method" in Game Settings is set to Raw Input

[ * ] - Disable any overlays that could cause conflict with the menu, (Discord, Xbox, Nvidia ... ).

[ * ] - Close any program/application that could directly cause conflict with the game & the menu, such as RAM Cleaners, Game Boosters, Debugging softwares, VMwares, Virtualization Softwares, Sandboxes...

[ * ] - Disable Hyper-V Tutorial Here

[ * ] - Verify the game files through your launcher (Steam/Epic/Rockstar).

[ * ] - If you have a controller plugged in, it is worth a try to unplug it and after that, inject the menu. You may re-plug the controller after the injection is successful.

[ * ] - Make sure that your drivers are up to date.

[ * ] - If you are using a Cloud PC / Virtual Machine of any type, the menu won't work.

Dealing with Launcher & console errors:

One way to easily understand why your game is crashing or why the menu isn't injecting is by reading the errors you get, here's the most common ones that are shown either on the Launcher or in the cmd window that opens when you click Inject.

  • "Authorization already granted" - This error means that you are already signed in from another device, remember that you cannot use the menu on two different devices/PCs at the same time.
  • "Authorization Denied" - Password or Login error. Make 100% sure that you're using the correct password, if you're unsure you can change password via Settings . If the password is correct but the error is still happening, you may want to try using your email as login instead of the username. If none of the above works, make sure that the menu is not under maintenance or contact a member of the staff for help.
  • "Client version needs updating" - An update is required, pretty self explanatory. Usually the Launcher alerts the user when an update is available. Also could happen during server maintenances.
  • "You are denied access" - No license. In order to use RE (Requiem Engine) you must purchase a license.
  • "You cannot use this here" - HWID (Hardware ID) mismatch. At the moment RE (Requiem Engine) can be binded to one HWID only, if you used the menu on another PC/device of yours and you're trying to use it on a different one, you must reset your HWID, you can do so via Keys Management & HWID Area . Click on the "Reset HWID" button on the bottom of the page.

    REMEMBER: Sharing your w1tch account with someone else goes against our Terms of Service, and will result in a suspension of your account & license(s).
  • "Failed to login" - Your W1TCH Launcher version is outdated. Make sure to download the latest one from Downloads Section

Still having issues?

Feel free to contact any member of the Staff or open a thread explaining your issue in details, we'll be happy to help you.

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Feel free to reach me via the forum PMs or Discord (mrd4rio) for any questions or account related issues.

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