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[IMPORTANT] Purchasing FAQs


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This is a list of Frequently Asked Questions related to the purchase process.
Most of the informations and common questions are listed here.

Before opening a support thread, make sure to give a read to the FAQs which may help you solve your doubts.
In case you can't find any help, feel free to open a support thread.

* The FAQs may be subject to changes and will be updated accordingly.


[ 1 ] - Where can I purchase DIS2RBED?

You can find the Official Stores & Resellers listed here - https://w1tch.net/forum/11-purchase-dis2rbed/ 

You can also find a list of the official resellers in the Welcome Discord server 

IMPORTANT: The VIP License is an upgrade, meaning that in order to activate it you must have a Basic license active first.

[ 2 ] - What payment methods are accepted?

Official Stores (FunPay & OPLATA) accept Credit/Debit Cards (including Mastercard, ApplePay, Alipay, QIWI), Webmoney and Crypto Currencies.

If you're looking to purchase via PayPal consider using one of the Official Resellers.

Resellers may accept various extra payment methods, stick to each store for further details.

[ 3 ] - What do I receive after the purchase?

You will receive an activation key for the purchased product, keys can be activated here - Keys Management Area

IMPORTANT: In order to activate a VIP Key, you must have a Basic license active on your account! If you bought both Basic & VIP at the same time, make sure to first activate the Basic key and soon after the VIP one.

Make sure to save your key(s), purchase receipts or any proof of purchase, as they might come handy in case you need to recover your W1tch Account!

[ 4 ] - How long does it take to receive my key(s) ?

Usually the delivery is instant but sometimes, depending on the seller, it could take a few hours. In case you haven't received anything after 12-24 hours, feel free to contact the staff and seek support for the purchase.

[ 5 ] - My purchase via Credit Card isn't going through, I'm getting errors...

Most of the times this is due to your Card provider rejecting the transaction, this usually happens with Cards issued in the US, sadly it doesn't depend by us so you should try contacting your provider to unlock the transaction. Alternatively, try using another payment method.

[ 6 ] - How do I know that my license is active / I activated my key(s) correctly?

After activating your key(s), go to your Profile and check the title below your username, it should say either Basic or VIP depending on which license you activated.

[ 7 ] - I've activated my license, what now?

You can download the latest version of W1TCH Launcher from our Downloads Section: https://w1tch.net/files/

DIS2RBED Setup tutorial [EN]: Click here

DIS2RBED Setup tutorial [RU]: Click here

DIS2RBED Setup tutorial [ES]: Click here

[ 8 ] - Is there a Discord server for customers only?

Yes! You can join the official w1tch community Discord server where all the licensed users can meet and seek for help.

You will have to link your Forum account to your Discord account in order to join the server. Follow the Linking tutorial here.

[ 9 ] - I'm having issues with one of the stores, what's the best way to get help?

In case you're having issues specifically with your purchase (for example, keys never received - transaction rejected by the seller - store website not working - product out of stock), the best way to get help is to directly contact the store owner or the reseller (usually via store's chat or Discord). In case you don't receive any answer or help, feel free to contact any of the staff, we'll bridge your issues to the store.


Thanks for choosing us!

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Feel free to reach me via the forum PMs or Discord (@mrd4rio) for any questions or account related issues.

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