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Found 3 results

  1. I tried to launch the menu via the WLauncher and I get this error code: [03:44:43] Failed to establish a connection to the W1TCH server. Make sure you have stable connection and W1TCH Launcher is added to the antivirus exclusions! I tried to checked everything it told me to and even downloaded some stuff but it still didn't work. Is there anything I maybe missed?
  2. I have migrated my build back to WIndows 10 from Windows 11. I am currently trying to launch the W1tch Launcher and download Dis2rbed, but I get the following error: [05:29:14] Downloading DIS2RBED [dll]... [05:29:16] DIS2RBED [dll] downloaded successfully! [05:29:16] Unpacking DIS2RBED... [05:29:16] .: libraryFilePath not set at ..( ) at ...ctor(String , String ) at ..(String , String ) at ..(String , String , )
  3. Error Characters found in the W1TCH Launcher path differ from the standard unicode encoding. Please make sure that there are no cyrillic and diacritical characters in the W1TCH Launcher directory. I tried downloading the file again, but to no avail. I moved the file but not again
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