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DIS2RBED v2.0.47 is available!


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- D2: Added a fully modifiable "Model Changer" section, which works similarly to the "Teleport" section. This means that the first time you start D2, if there is no model file (Models.json in the D2 work dir), it will be generated and all information from it (models, models from subsections and sub-sub-sections etc) be loaded into D2UI. Once the file has been created - you are free to modify it as you see fit - resorting, adding new models or removing unnecessary ones. A boolean parameter (true/false) allows or disallows you to use the model in an online session. Please note (!!!) that D2 can ONLY CREATE (if there is no file) OR READ the Models.json file, but NOT modify it! So, to reset everything to defaults - delete the file and inject D2.
- D2: Unlocked Model Swapper section. Press "Add Model To Swapper" option and then enter IN model name (model name will be used as option name), for example "zentorno" and option will appear in the list. Then select your created option and press Shift+Enter to change "model_name" to proper OUT model name, for example "adder". Once everything is ready, toggle this option to enable it in the model swapper hook. Any new IN model will spawn/appear in the gta world with OUT model. Later I will add json preset support for this section.
- D2: "Vehicle Spawn" section now also has a fully customizable vehicle spawn list subsection ("Sorter by Users"). Everything works similar to the Teleport and Model Changer sections - D2 will generate Vehicles.json in the working directory at first start (if that file doesn't exist), which can be edited later. The entire vehicles list in Vehicles.json is for example only and is not completely correct regarding vehicles order/classes.
- D2: Partially restored Recovery -> Bunker/NC/MC sections.
- D2: Fixed all players options offline
- D2: Fixed noclip out of bounds death bug
- D2: Fixed spectate death bug
- D2: Fixed spectate option toggle
- D2: Greatly improved protex (sync/desync relative).
- D2: Updated and unlocked The Criminal Enterprises vehicles in the Vehicle Spawn section (Class Sorting).
- D2IU: Menu breadcrumb now ignore sections colors.
- D2IU: Reworked and optimized D2UI menu class which had a very positive effect on speed, stability and also the convenience of working with menu functions (lua).
- D2IU: Slightly modified "welcome" message.
- D2Lua: Added lua system.get_native_address(uint64_t hash)
- D2Lua: Added non-toggleable text options, both - normal/online player. Since you asked for an "action" text option instead of a toggle, now the add_option_text option adds non-toggle option (action), and the add_option_text_toggle option adds a text toggleable option. Change the function in your scripts to the one with the toggle prefix if you still need the old version of text option.
- D2Engine: Carried out engine optimization, as well as fixed bugs affecting the performance, which significantly reduced the impact on FPS. On average, the frame increase is from 5 to 15 FPS.
- D2Engine: Slightly optimized and fixed menu renderer.

2.0.48 spoilers: new options for Weapons, Online, Recovery, LSC, Vehicle Mods, Self Mods etc. 😉
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