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DIS2RBED v2.0.46 is available!


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- D2: Added All Players options
- D2: Added Online -> Personal Vehicles options
- D2: Added self protection against online options
- D2: Fixed offline player list handler
- D2: Fixed spectator bug when a player leaves a session while spectating
- D2: Modders are now marked correctly
- D2: Moved protex enable section options to the top
- D2Lua: Added menu.decrease_option(string hash)
- D2Lua: Added menu.increase_option(string hash)
- D2Lua: Added menu.remove_parent(int id)
- D2Lua: Added menu.set_active_option(int id)
- D2Lua: Added menu.set_option_value(string hash, float/int value)
- D2Lua: Added menu.set_option_vip(string hash)
- D2Lua: Added menu.toggle_option(string hash)
- D2Lua: All menu.add_option functions now return int
- D2Lua: Fixed weapon.get_vehicle_weapon_info
- D2Lua: Fixed weapon.get_weapon_info
- D2Lua: Merged lua menu.add_parent and menu.add_child. Now there is only one function menu.add_parent with overload {name} and {name, id}. To be short - just rename menu.add_child to menu.add_parent in yours scripts.
- D2UI: Fixed mouse control delimiter bug
- D2UI: Fixed option and parent removing
- D2UI: Fixed selector/display offset bugs
- D2Engine: Menu refactoring. Reworked the behavior of the selector and menu scroller, which would fix bugs with incorrect display, going outside the menu and nonexistent options etc (in particular the problem with changing the size of the list of players inline, after deleting options, and so on).
- D2Engine: Minor bugfixes

This version was focused more on critical bugfixes and optimization, but in next 2.0.47 version several new sections will be available 😉
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