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DIS2RBED v2.0.45 is available!


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- D2: Partially enabled Recovery section, in which the Unlocks subsection is now available, which containing more than 600+ unlockable items. This is only a very small part of everything that is planned and will be available in this section. Tomorrow, our testers will get a build with new Recovery options.
- D2: Added "Disable Menu Sounds" option in the Interface section.
- D2: Added options descriptions support, descriptions itself will be available in one of next builds.
- D2: Fixed vehicle waterproof option
- D2: Improved player godmode
- D2: Improved protex
- D2: Improved vehicle godmode
- D2Lua: Added menu.get_option_description
- D2Lua: Added menu.set_option_description
- D2Lua: Fixed menu.set_option_toggled function.
- D2Lua: Moved execute_as_script to script
- D2Lua: Moved is_script_running to script
- D2Lua: Moved world_to_screen_pixels to render
- D2Lua: Moved world_to_screen_relative to render
- D2Lua: Removed rage_old namespace and all its functions.
- D2UI: Fixed color picker position
- D2UI: Resorted player info panel data
- D2Engine: Rage classes relative code refactoring
- D2Engine: Dozens of bugfixes

As you may have noticed, many options are available only for VIP users for now. But over time, many of these options will be available to basic license owners as well. Also, you can expect new recovery options next week 😉

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