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DIS2RBED v2.0.44 is available!


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- D2: Reworked the main Protex layer and added basic control options for each section of protection options (Scripted Events, Rockstar Events, Crash). Now hooks and all options from protection segment will not work at all if the main option is disabled. Crash protection options controls their hooks individually, ie - even if the "Enable Crash Protection" option is enabled, crash protection hooks can still be partially disabled depending on the disabled options.
- D2: Improved ESP, added new options (Draw Line, Ignore Inside Buildings).
- D2: Fixed critical protex bugs.
- D2UI: Fixed a bug with exiting the player section when the player leave the session.
- D2UI: Minor D2UI changes.
- D2Lua: Added lua system.get_user_group() function (returns int: 1 - basic, 2 - vip, 3 - tester).
- D2Engine: Engine has been heavily optimized, in many looped routines has been reduced load, which made the threads work much faster and also significantly increased fps.
- D2Engine: Dozens of bugfixes.

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