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News | DIS2RBED v2.0.40, D2Lua, Recovery and other things!


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We are happy to tell you that a very huge amount of work on D2Lua has been completed and nearly 5,500 native rage functions have been exported to the D2Lua API. Testing and revision of the documentation is now in full swing. It also means that work on D2Lua is 90% completed, and all that remains are mostly bugfixes. After the D2 v2.0.40 release we will return to work on the basic DIS2RBED functionality. Also, after a long discussion we decided to make Recovery section partially available a little earlier, and it will include exclusive unlocks (there are already several hundred of them), as well as other features which will not allow to directly get the in-game currency, but can significantly speed up this process. The rest and the most important features of Recovery will be available when all other sections will be completed and the functionality of Recovery will be very carefully tested. Also in the near future you can expect improved protection, optimized and improved interface with scaling support, a couple of new sections and much more. Stay in touch ;)
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