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Keys not linking.


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I have my 2 keys but when i try to put them in, it errors out.  I'm thinking the normal key looks like it is missing 1 item.  It starts with 2 letters but my VIP starts with 3.

Also, can't link to the discord bot because it says i need to verify my email.  Is there a place i need to click to get that email sent to me?

Lastly, the only piece of proof i have is the pm from El_Chupanibre that retold me the 2 prices and gave me to paypal link to pay from.  I checked paypal and the furthest back it goes is June 2020.


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Hi, you don't have to activate your keys again, licenses were automatically transferred during the website transfer and as you can see by the "VIP" title below your username, your licenses are active already.

As for the email you can go to https://w1tch.net/settings/email/

If you still have issues in linking your discord feel free to PM me


Feel free to reach me via the forum PMs or Discord (@mrd4rio) for any questions or account related issues.

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