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🟢Requiem Engine (GTAO) v2.2.0.1972 | Part #2

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[New] Added Recovery -> Collectibles options

[New] Added Recovery -> ~1500 unlockables in addition to the existing ones (but in a separate list so as not to mix them up). At this moment, categorization is something like a "draft", but the code for filtering and categorizing unlockables is designed to be easily and painlessly modified according to users feedback and further comparison with in-game logic.

[New] Another batch of REprotex enhancements has been added, featuring additional protection. There are still a few types of protections (crashes, events, etc.) that we are currently testing. They will also be available in one of the upcoming builds, possibly in an interim release.

[New] Added a stats service, which is responsible for interacting with stats, caching them, and more, significantly easing access to stats both for us and for scripters (I will add the service functions to the Lua API in one of the next builds).

[New] Added a debug menu in the Settings section. For now, it only allows enabling/disabling certain registered scripts. The functionality will be expanded later. Do not touch this section unless you know what it is for. Ideally, this should help Lua scripters identify conflicts in native functions.

[Improvements] Reworked and optimized Settings initialization and config storage algorithm.
[Improvements] Improved resource manager
[Improvements] Improved translations packs (added PL)
[Improvements] Improved translations system

[Fix] Fixed resource manager translations update process. Now the automatic updating of language packs correctly occurs at runtime.
[Fix] Fixed some minor hotkeys issues
[Fix] Minor optimization of hooks. For debugging purposes, they've all been added to the debug menu, but are only available for testers (temporarily).
[Fix] Various major and minor fixes that we won't clutter up the changelog with, as there are many of them, but they don't carry significant meaning for the average user.

[Lua/New] Added functions to the Lua API within the `entities` namespace:

  • `raycast_ent`: Executes a raycast to detect entities, returning a tuple containing a success flag and the hit Entity, if any.
  • `raycast_pos`: Conducts a raycast to determine the end position, returning a tuple with a success flag and the Vector3 end coordinates of the raycast, irrespective of entity collision.

[Lua/Fix] Fixed an issue with native functions not functioning correctly in Lua scripts.
[Lua/Fix] Fixed issue with Lua's `register_script` function, when you could register the same script multiple times.

This is the last build of Part 2; other Recovery options (including uncategorized unlocks, something about ~1000 items), as well as REflex (already unlocked in the closed testing build) and other features, fixes (including LSC) will be added in the Part 3 of the 2.2.0 update. The next major update after 2.2.0 will be 2.3.0, featuring full support for Linux operating systems and other interesting features.

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