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Bought Disturbed in 2019


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Perhaps you could describe your actions or your experience with the website. What prompted you to leave a message on the forum? This way, we can take your perspective into account and become more understanding. You're not the first to leave a comment about not finding something. Usually, it's enough to wait a few hours before responding, and people will often find solutions on their own. But there are cases where assistance is needed. If you managed to resolve it yourself, I believe your assessment of the website's user-friendliness would be valuable.

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 First thing, I go to "Downloads" and look for Disturbed. Not there.

I see a bunch of downloads, what seem to be plugins, so I'm in the wrong place. I see "W1tch Launcher (RE)" but it doesn't look like Disturbed or like a mod menu, so I go to my profile to see if I still have Basic+ VIP, and I do.

I searched, flicked through maybe 5 threads and realised W1tch Launcher is all I need.

So, if instead it said "Mod menu launcher" or even "Official Download" instead of "Featured Downloads" I probably would have clicked it in the first instance. "Featured downloads" made me subconciously think it was a user-uploaded file that was well, featured. Not an official download.

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