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How to install GTAV from Epic Games and Social Club into one directory to save space.


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Hello everyone. Now I will tell you how to install GTA V from different stores, such as Epic Games and Social Club, and save space on your disk.

This manual works only for saving space. If you want to use games from both stores simultaneously.

First, you need to log in to the Epic Games store and install the game.


I will be installing the game in the directory d:\games .


In the settings, we can change the path for saving the game, but not the folder name with the game itself. So, continue installing the game in d:\games\GTAV .

After the game is fully installed, close Epic completely, and launch Social Club. Log in to an account not linked to the Epic store.Remember, this guide is for those who have games in different stores.



Click to install the game and select the same directory d:\games.


But this time the game will be installed in d:\games\Grand Theft Auto V, which is not pleasant for us because it will be the same game, just in different directories.



As soon as the game download starts, immediately close Social Club completely and delete the Grand Theft Auto V folder where Social Club downloaded its files.


Now we need a little magic.

In the search, type CMD, the search for programs in the Start menu, next to the Windows button.

Open this window and enter the following command: mklink "D:\games\Grand Theft Auto V" "D:\games\GTAV" /J

Once again, I emphasize that before executing this command, you need to delete the Grand Theft Auto V directory created by Social Club at the beginning of the game installation.


It will not be a regular shortcut to the Grand Theft Auto V directory. It will be more of a mirrored directory of GTAV. So, simply creating a shortcut will not work; you need to execute this command specifically.

After that, you should see the Grand Theft Auto V directory again, but with an arrow symbol (shortcut).


Then, launch Social Club again and continue installation. If you have fully installed all files from the Epic Games store, the game installation will only take a few seconds.

You will now have two directories with the game, one from Epic Games (GTAV) and the other from Social Club (Grand Theft Auto V). But one will be just a shortcut to the first folder. So now you can use your game from different stores and save space on your disk.

image.png                                    image.png


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