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Launcher FAQ


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Here are the most asked Questions about the Launcher


"An error occurred during authorization! Perhaps server is under maintenance"

  • Run the launcher as admin, if this does not help make sure that the menu is not on maintenance

  • Also try deleting C:\ProgramData\Requiem and try again.


"libraryFilePath not set"

  • Completely uninstall dotnet from your pc and install it again.
  • If reinstalling dotnet didn't work use the ⁠auto-installer


Requiem crashes when I inject and the log says did not found pattern x

  • Always use the newest Version of GTAV and the Menu.
  • Also consider to Reinstall the R* Launcher


What is a HWID Reset? / Requiem crashes saying I have to reset my HWID

  • Your HWID (Hardware ID) is a unique ID that's generated based on the components in your system.
  • When swapping parts or switching to another system, the HWID that will be linked to your W1tch account changes.
  • Basic users have only one HWID to link, where VIP users can link up to 3 HWID's to their account.

  • If you're maxed out on the linked HWID's, you can reset your HWID('s) here.
  • You get a free HWID reset every 7 days. If you want to reset within those 7 days, you'll have to purchase a reset on our website.
  • If you think the System has bugged please contact an Administrator or open a thread.


Requiem crashes when I try to inject. What can I do?

  • Add WLauncher.exe to your AV exceptions and run it as Administrator.

  • Also make sure to inject when you fully loaded into story mode.


How do I add Requiem to my antivirus exclusion?

  1. Open Windows Defender Security Center.

  2. Click Virus & threat protection.

  3. Click Manage settings under Virus & threat protection.

  4. Under Exclusions, click the Add or remove exclusions option.

  5. Click the Add an exclusion button.

  6. Select Folder and add Requiems's folder, select File and add the WLauncher.exe itself, then select Folder and add %programdata%\Requiem.

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