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Requiem Engine (GTAO) v2.1.0.1862 Fixes Build


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- The ESP has been slightly reworked. The Box has been replaced with Skeleton. I will add a correct Box based on the ped model dimensions a bit later. Also, the health bars have become the background for the name. It looks nice, we'll see how it goes, and based on feedback, we'll make changes. Full customization will be added with the next merge of changes from the experimental branch.
- Fixed crash while "ESP -> Show Peds" option enabled.
- Fixed a bug where the name was missing in the chat log.
- A small delay has been added to the Nearby Entity Manipulations function iterator to reduce the chance of issues where the function does not apply to some entities. Service notifications have also been added.
- Uncle Top has pushed a new version of the network library - a disconnect bug should be fixed, needs more "live" testing.
- The Override Time/Weather options have been temporarily removed from the settings file due to crashes observed by some users when injecting with these options enabled. I haven't been able to reproduce the problem myself yet, I will keep trying, but we will definitely fix this.

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