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Requiem Engine (GTAO) v2.1.0.1857


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- Unlocked the Hotkeys sub-section in the Settings, which also received updates from the experimental branch. Currently, the same hotkey can be assigned to multiple functions simultaneously. To be honest, this aspect was initially an oversight due to ongoing work on synchronizing Modern UI and Legacy UI. However, based on feedback from testers, we've decided to keep this (for now) as a feature 😎 Also, the hotkey system supports Ctrl/Alt/Shift mods keys in any combination.
- Scaling has been reworked for more global operation; many bugs with incorrect resizing have been fixed.
- Added Session Finder into Online section, allowing you to search and view lists of active game sessions (lobbies), with support for filtering by region/language, as well as various sorting options.
- Added Nearby Entities Manipulations options into the World section, allowing you to remove/explode/delete nearby entities (peds/vehicles/objects).
- In the Recovery section were added Unlock All Unlockables and Unlock Current Section options for unlockeables lists.
- Fixed conflicts of some options, such as Super Run/Fast Run (where the Fast Run was overridden by the Super Run due to hash conflict).
- Language packs were slightly updated, including some missed lines.
- Minor visual UI tweaks.
- Overall, a lot of changes from the experimental branch have been merged, mainly optimizations, refactoring, bug fixes, and engine improvements.
- Additionally, we've conducted some optimization for older PCs and resolved a few issues that could affect performance on older CPUs.
- There have been quite a few changes in the Lua API, but as the documentation is currently being written, we'll leave that to the editors.

Our mini vacation has come to an end, and work is back in full swing. And this means that there will be a lot of changes starting from this build with a lot of new features. But we will be testing them gradually to avoid issues with the accumulation of various functionalities in one build and messing up with testing which can lead to missing bugs. 

I've carefully reviewed all your feedback (vehicles upgrade/downgrade, auto-teleport, auto-pilot, ped-spawner with various options, and much more), and many of the features you requested will be included in the next build, expected in about 2-4 days, depending on the pace of testing. We're also considering unlocking currency options from Recovery for VIP users, followed by Basic users next week.

P.S. We are aware of the disconnect issues and are actively working on a solution on the server side.

P.P.S. The new version of WLauncher with a fix for the unpacking issue encountered by some users is on the way, possibly to be uploaded to the website tomorrow.

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