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Requiem Engine (GTAO) v2.1.0.1833


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- Fixed an issue with incompatibility with older processors without AVX instruction support.
- The Recovery section has been partially unlocked. As of now, only users with an Unlimited subscription can use cash/chips options. Why? Read below.
- Minimum GUI scale range now is 0.5.
- Sliders don't support input now.
- Fixed scrolling text in the titlebar, added new lines.
- Fixed issues with the Chinese font, improved glyph loading (but there is a flip side - the loading time has slightly increased, which is noticeable during injection).
- Minor fixes to DX layers.
- Added a test version of the ru_RU language pack (worked on by GPT-4 with custom instructions, but in any case, we will make corrections to the translation in the coming days).
- A whole bunch of backend fixes, both significant and minor.

Regarding currency options in the Recovery section:

The last GTAO patch affected quite a lot of things, especially those related to this section and particularly the currency options. It's impossible to retest everything in just a few days or even a week, and it's been just over a couple of weeks since the patch. 

We decided to take the path of least resistance and kill two birds with one stone - we will continue to test safe currency limits, but Unlimited users, who already waive any guarantees and support, will be able to use the cash/chips options at their own risk and under their personal responsibility. Additionally, they will become something like testers. 

Even though I have been using all options from this section every day (both before and after the patch) personally, including money and chips, we do not recommend using currency options on your personal accounts for now.

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