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Requiem Engine (GTAO) v2.1.0.1819


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- Added Online -> Stats Editor section. Use it careful!
- Added Self Mods -> Night/Thermal Vision options.
- Added Online -> Passive Mode option.
- Added Vehicle Spawn -> Delete Last Spawned Vehicle option.
- Now you can press Right Mouse button to navigate camera while menu is opened.
- Now Disable Phone/No Idle Kick settings are correctly saved to the configuration file.
- Temporarily removed some options from the Online section:
  * Single/All: Send Text/Fake Ban Message (to fix the empty body message issue).
  * All: Kill Players (for a minor rework).
- Improved glyphs containing fonts initialization.
- Reduced load in a couple of hooks responsible for parsing game events.
- Reduced maximum possible value of the menu elements animations speed settings.
- Fixed entities removal coords.
- Fixed spawned vehicles handle pool.
- Fixed self Trigger Bot bug.
- Fixed vehicle preview bug.
- Fixed some typos.
- Fixed a pretty rare bug with the stopping of the vehicles service instance.
- Fixed an offset in the Vehicles class.
- Fixed a minor bug that sometimes caused incorrect player data display in a session if they were previously kicked and reconnected to the same session.
- Various backend fixes.

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