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Requiem Engine (GTAO) - Questions and Answers


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We’ve gathered responses to the questions we hear the most. Take a moment to read them thoroughly.

• The release went quite well in terms of stability and overall 🙂 Yes, some of you didn't like the ModernUI, which was expected. And I had taken this into account initially (read below about LegacyUI). Currently, our efforts are focused on addressing the most critical shortcomings and issues some of you have encountered, particularly support for CPUs with outdated instructions and so on.

• Inconveniences related to menu control and the mechanics of certain options have been fixed according to your feedback. Expect the next update, which will be released within a couple of days, to immediately implement changes for the most important aspects.

• Everything you currently see in the menu represents only about ~30% of the total functionality. Not what we would like to do, but what has already been implemented throughout the entire development path of RE and will gradually become available with each new version of Requiem Engine.

• The Translation tool will be uploaded to the website within a few days. Currently, we are ensuring that all necessary strings have been exported for translation.

• The Recovery section will be available either this weekend or early next week.

• Support for gamepads and hotkeys is on the way. I am currently working on synchronizing the hotkey system with both types of menus (yep, read below 😋).

• You are not forced to use mouse control - keyboard control for this type of UI will also be available.

• The list-style menu will be added to RE at the end of next month.

• You will be able to switch between menu types, choosing the one that is most convenient for you. Both will be customizable with themes support.

• Yes, you understood the previous point correctly, Requiem Engine will support two types of menus - ModernUI and LegacyUI.

• At the time of release, there may be some rough edges in the operation of Requiem Engine, but all of this will be fixed, so there is no need to worry.

• Linux support is coming. And very very soon - I am currently awaiting the arrival of a new rig that will be dedicated to testing RE on Linux (I hate dual boot 🤮).

• We listen to all feedback, even if someone didn't like something. We are not a dictatorship, and your opinion is very important to us. However, you must understand that incorporating every change based on your wishes is complicated, as there is a fine line between "I want it this way" and "will others like it?". That's why RE will be as customizable as possible.

• Regarding customization and other features, as mentioned earlier and in the previous point, we have currently artificially limited many features, certain sections, and so on. This was done to avoid situations like what happened with the launch of Legacy Requiem, Disturbed, and DIS2RBED. I'll reiterate - everything is already implemented in Requiem Engine, but we will gradually unlock all the "content" to meticulously, without rush and confusion, make changes/corrections, etc., according to... your feedback.

In closing, the initial feedback to the launch has been incredibly encouraging, especially regarding the stability. But let's be realistic - we understand there are those who found certain aspects not to their liking. Rest assured - we are working to ensure everyone is satisfied.

With your permission, I'll end here for now and get back to working on the next version of RE 😊

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