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Requiem Engine (GTAO) - Initial Release


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Requiem Engine has been uploaded to the release branch and is now accessible to all VIP users. 

This Monday (25.12.23), Basic users will gain access as well, and as a form of compensation, they will temporarily be able to use even VIP options, allowing them to explore the full functionality.

While the latest game patch has necessitated some adjustments, we're dedicated to addressing any missed issues. However, it's important to note that the era of infrequent updates, akin to the D2 period, has passed. Moving forward, prepare for more frequent updates where any fixes are just a small part of the broader spectrum of new features and enhancements we're excited to introduce. This shift signifies our commitment to continually evolving and enriching your experience.

Also, please, keep in mind, that some services, like gamepad handler etc, will also be unlocked in one of the upcoming updates. By the end of January, Requiem Engine will add support for a stylish, impactful, and awesome list-style (traditional for GTA) menu, allowing you to switch between menu options as you wish.

We have much more to share with you, but we'll save that for tomorrow. Today, you've been eagerly awaiting this release, and we are both drained and thrilled - the culmination of intense dedication and the anticipation of the launch. 

We sincerely hope we've met your expectations with this release. For now, enjoy your time in the game with Requiem Engine, and remember... 

...don't hurt the little ones 🥰

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