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Requiem Engine (RDO edition)


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I'll answer some quite predictable questions right away:

- Yes, as we've mentioned before, RE supports all necessary APIs (DX11/12/Vulkan), and therefore, it works in RDO both on DX12 and Vulkan.

- Yes, the menu, its structure, and everything else are identical to the GTAO version.

- Yes, there will be full Lua support "out of the box" right from the release, with a complete Lua API and RE's native invoker.

- Yes, it uses the latest version of Requiem Engine, including the latest updates from the experimental branch. I'd even say that at this moment, the RDO menu uses an even newer version of Requiem Engine than the GTAO version :D

- Yes, our quick recovery method still works stably, but it has not been checked for a long time as to how safe it is nowadays, so it will be added to the menu much later.

- Yes, we plan to release RE for RDO this month to "settle our debts with you all" before the new year. Moreover, everything is ready, in essence, it's now down to our testers. The work was carried out in our spare time from the main project, and we didn't know the exact timings when the product would be ready for the "ready to show and talk about release dates" stage, so we didn't post any news regarding the RDO branch. To be honest, literally no one on the team knew that development on the RDO branch was underway, so it ultimately turned out the way it did 😉
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