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Lack of communication regarding REDstone 2.0


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You'll be pleased to learn that the new Requiem Engine will work on redstone, and is entering it's testing phase in the next few days



Need help? Don't hesitate to dm, on forum or voidshaman#5594

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9 hours ago, PaulYoloG said:

 Hello everyone,

Any update on this case?


The REDstone project is dead on its own. But the Requiem Engine RDO is more alive than ever. Unfortunately, its release has been postponed because we are currently focusing all our efforts on updating RE 2.2.0 for GTAO, particularly the protection that dozens and hundreds of users have been requesting for a long time. As I mentioned in one of the neighboring threads, I am only human, I am not an AI, I cannot generate code in mere seconds. I am working on the client (not server) side (menu itself) alone. So, only one person is working on two projects, the main one of which is developing, expanding, and improving quite rapidly and getting pretty huge updates. I won’t even talk about the fact that a person needs rest and time for their personal life.

And besides all this (I don’t like to touch on this topic, but I think I have to), we have a very difficult and unsafe situation in the country and particularly in the region where I am currently located, so working in a calm environment is not always possible. In any case, I am doing everything possible to bring Requiem Engine RDO to light as soon as possible (since I'm playing RDO pretty often in my free time), but I am sorry that I could not do it within the promised time frame. 

As funny as it may sound, there seems to be some sort of curse hanging over the RDO project 😁. We had (and I hope still have) a person who planned (and hopefully still plans) to work on this project, but unfortunately, he is currently facing unforeseen circumstances (let's say - difficulties) in his personal life, and he doesn't have much free time right now. Therefore, I am trying not to bother him with this issue for the time being.

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Keep up the good work! I didn't mean to minimize your efforts at all. I was just curious if RDO is still active.
However, I only want it for the story, to get from one point to another easily.

I've tried to use an old version of it, but I don't have it anymore in my machine.

thanks you for your reply,

considering the work done, it is clear that it is quite difficult to respond on all fronts - telegram, forum, website, and with all that to do code development.

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