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Dear community! We understand you were anticipating the release of version 2.1 last month, and we're deeply grateful for your patience. On behalf of our entire team, we sincerely apologize for the delay.

The circumstances that arose (which, given the current global events, I can't rightly call unexpected) have created some difficulties in our development schedule. While I won't delve into political specifics (our team's credo remains steadfast: no politics in our work), I would like to note that life and work in our regions have been significantly complicated over the past a bit more than three weeks. Air raid alarms 24/7 and complete uncertainty make working on the project extremely difficult. I believe you'd agree that productive work is near-impossible under these circumstances.

But be that as it may, I think you all remember that work on version 2.0 was carried out under dreadful and incredibly tough conditions too. We persevered because we know our community depends on us, and it's for you that we strive to do our best. In that regard, nothing has changed - we continue pushing forward, striking a balance between adhering to deadlines and ensuring our team's well-being. Despite the hurdles, our dedication to DIS2RBED v2.1 remains unwavering, albeit at a slower pace than we'd want to. Trust me when I say we're as eager for the release as you are, and we can't wait to introduce you to what's new! ☺️

I am happy (finally) to inform you that the menu debugging and polishing process has been completed, and closed offline testing (detached from the authorization server) began on the 2nd of this month! After its completion, the first online test build will undergo a few days of CBT with our trusted testers, before being uploaded to the testing branch.

Today's legacy D2.0 update primarily incorporates fixes and a comprehensive Unlockables update in the Recovery section, per popular request. I would also like to add that a new D2.0 build will be uploaded shortly, featuring hidden "easter eggs" that will earn you points. Points will be awarded for various actions within the menu, such as specific combinations of enabled options, or using a particular option in a specific location, and so on. The first couple of dozen users who can score 10 or more points will be automatically admitted to testing!

Currently, the client-side of DIS2RBED 2.1 includes:

- 158 commits
- 575 changed files
- 64719 insertions
- 48112 deletions


- 51 commits
- 211 changed files
- 24288 insertions
- 5854 deletions

The work on 2.1 has been truly titanic. As I've mentioned before - what initially was planned as a major version with a large number of changes has become, without exaggeration, a complete overhaul, almost an entirely new project. Look forward to the long-awaited release this month 😎

I sincerely want to say thank you for your understanding and unwavering support ❤️
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