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i cant get data even from admin


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[11:47:55] 初始化 W1TCH 启动器 v0.27...
[11:47:55] 已创建工作目录.
[11:47:55] 启动器目录正常.
[11:47:55] info_dir_d2_access
[11:47:55] info_dir_launcher_access
[11:47:55] 您可以访问 D2预览版本,编译和发布仅供参考和测试之用。D2 预览版不是菜单的最终版本,完整发布版本很可能与此版本有很大不同。目前,您功能,因为预览版的目的主要是测试服务器负载,并尝试尽一切可能顺利无故障地发布完整版.
[11:47:55] 初始化完成! 😉
[11:47:55] 检查附加启动器翻译...
[11:47:55] 尝试登录中...
[11:47:57] 已成功从服务器接收.
[11:47:57] 找不到其他语言包,或者已安装这些语言包.
[11:48:09] 尝试登录中...
[11:49:47] 尝试登录中...
[11:49:52] 您已成功登录!
[11:49:52] 解析插件文件...
[11:49:52] 无法从服务器获取数据.
[11:49:52] 您已成功登录!
[11:49:52] 解析插件文件...
[11:49:53] 新的DIS2RBED [释放分支] 版本可用!
[11:49:54] 新的DIS2RBED [释放分支] 版本可用!
[11:50:01] info_downloading DIS2RBED [dll]...
[11:50:23] 无法从服务器获取数据.
[11:50:23] 无法获取分支清单.

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Something is blocking the launcher from connecting to the server, check your antivirus exclusions and make sure that WLauncher.exe and the launcher's folder are added.

Eventually try deleting everything and reinstall using the automatic installation script: W1tchAutoInstaller.bat


Feel free to reach me via the forum PMs or Discord (mrd4rio) for any questions or account related issues.

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