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Unable to establish a link to the T1CHW server


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Unable to establish a link to the T1CHW server, this is the second time I raised the issue, please check and solve the problem, the first time before the issue with good (the computer did not change any settings) injection is stable, occasionally crash and quit, but not often! There was a problem connecting to the server after the update !!! 🤢🤢🤢

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- Make sure to have antivirus exclusions added for the WLauncher.exe and the whole launcher's folder

- Run the WLauncher.exe as Administrator

- If none of the past works, completely delete the launcher files and download a fresh one from https://w1tch.net/files/file/1-w1tch-launcher/



Feel free to reach me via the forum PMs or Discord (mrd4rio) for any questions or account related issues.

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