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DIS2RBED 2.1.0 News!


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Hey there! 🥰 Long time no news, don't you think? No, no, not the ones about maintenance or a bunch of changelogs with bugfixes etc., meeeh 🤢. We're all tired of that, and I bet you are too. Today, I wanna tell you a bit about the upcoming DIS2RBED v2.1.0, which has been in the works for a solid 4 months now without any breaks. It started as a major revamp of the menu system, but it turned into a complete overhaul and ended up becoming a whole new project that has nothing to do with the 2.0.XX branch, except for some code in certain options. But enough talk, let me share SOME of the things that are waiting for you in 2.1.0.

- We've completely ditched the legacy UI and our new D2UI version is taking full advantage of the ImGui graphics library.
   * Fully customizable UI.
   * Widget menu system.
   * Convenient notification system for all types.
   * Full gamepad support.
   * And much more!

- We've rebuilt our Lua Manager from the ground up.
   * Scripters have access to all the ImGui functionality.
   * Our D2Lua invoker allows for passing arguments by reference and pointer.
   * Real-time handling of menu items and scripts without tasks.
   * Scripters have complete creative freedom to use D2 widgets or pure ImGui functionality.
   * Fully autonomous and modular.
   * Real-time script monitoring service.
   * Full information on running scripts.
   * Option to partially or fully disable, reload, or unload them.
   * D2 menu is fully isolated to prevent conflicts with scripts.
   * Isolated error handler that won't affect D2's operation and can track errors in the Lua Manager.
   * D2Lua Editor lets you write scripts directly in-game.

- Finally, there will be available a trial version of DIS2RBED, so anyone can try out the menu for a limited time before buying (with limited functionality, of course).
- No more alpha, beta, gamma, delta, preview, supermegatestversion blah blah blah builds. DIS2RBED 2.1.0 will be a full release.
- We're considering an unlimited recovery subscription model.
- Reviewed the logic of scripts, draw threads, and hooks.
- According to the previous point, game performance is practically unaffected by the menu.
- Redesigned and fully customizable hotkey system.
- A new exception handler that prevents 90% of game crashes and makes it faster and easier to track issues that users face with some of PC configurations.
- Improved protection. We might even have a Smart Protex service in the first versions, which has been in the works for a long time (this system was originally developed for D1) and will help improve local protection at runtime based on game events (kick, spam, etc.) monitored by Smart Protex.
- Player Manager allows for a detailed player log (like a database) that can be shared on the server, so other users can get information about too-annoying players who ruin sessions. Or, on the other hand, you can create your own community and a list of reliable players. 🙂
- Plenty of new features, as well as significantly improved and refined existing ones.
- A fully redesigned settings-saving system that eliminates option conflicts.
- The options system also has a handler that monitors conflicting options.
- Redesigned and very convenient vehicle/ped/weapon spawn system.
- Numerous improvements and new features related to lobby/RID/network/chat.
- The Untrusted Content system has undergone significant changes and now works separately for the menu and D2Lua.
- A scrolling news feed (title bar) with various tips and useful real-time information obtained directly from the server.
- Option search within the current open section or throughout the menu (integrated into the news feed widget, aka title bar).
- Redesigned and fully customizable chat commands for you and your friends (and not just friends, hehe).
- Of course, trolling options are included.
- The ability to download themes, fonts, translations, Lua scripts, etc., directly from the menu (currently in testing, so I can't promise it will be available immediately upon release).
- The ability to provide feedback on the menu/menu item/option, etc. directly from the menu (the number of submissions will be limited in time). With the feedback, we'll also get a list (queue) of used options so that we can study your problem in more detail if the feedback concerns an option that isn't working correctly or some other issue.
- And much, much more.

Just looked at this entire wall of text and realized I only wrote about a small fraction of it... but unfortunately, I can't keep going or I'll be writing this for a couple more days 🙂

The 2.0.XX branch will no longer receive updates, except for any unexpected game updates (if 2.1.0 isn't released by then). And honestly, I'm glad to say goodbye to it because it's been time to move on for a while now.

And of course, after the 2.1.0 release, you can expect a new WLauncher (rewritten with C++) and a free version of REDstone (I remember promising a release much earlier, but I'm working on two projects alone and recently, I have to prioritize my time to take care of my newborn little cheater 😎).

The D2Lua API documentation will also be regenerated, and scripters will have to edit their scripts a bit. There's a very high chance that all script authors will receive an invite to the testing server and access to DIS2RBED 2.1.0 from the very beginning of the testing phase.

P.S. I wanted to show you more screenshots or even a video, but I'm not entirely sure that the menu layout (or rather, the menu items style, to be correct) are final, and it'll likely undergo some minor changes before release.

Stay tuned, guys 😉




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