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DIS2RBED v2.0.50 build 590 is available! Recovery for Basic users!


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- D2: Fixed some options conflicts
- D2: Money options usage limits for VIP users has been increased to 20 uses per day.
- D2: Protex optimization
- D2: Users with a basic license can now use money options in the Recovery section. The current limit is 5 uses per day.
- D2Lua: Added d2lua lobby.get_player_host_token_str
- D2Lua: Fixed d2lua globals.get_global_string
- D2Lua: Fixed d2lua menu.get_option_name
- D2Lua: Optimized render.does_task_exist function.
- D2Lua:Added (bool removable) as last paremeter to all menu.add_option* functions.
- D2Lua:Added render.does_task_exist(string hash)
- D2UI: Fixed color picker overlaping player info panel
- D2Engine: Optimized menu option getter, which fixed several related issues (including the game crash ) and also positively influenced performance.
- D2Engine: Some changes to the menu and rendering from the 2.1.0 update branch were integrated, aimed at improving stability and optimization.
- D2Engine: One of the most annoying bugs has also been fixed, related to random game crashes without any errors in logs, which some users experienced at random intervals. We are not sure if the fix was on our side, because it so happened that testers received a build with a lot of engine changes (including render lib latest version update) just at the time of yesterday's mini-patch release (which could also have fixed this issue). Later, out of curiosity, we will try to roll back the changes and test again, but at the moment, testers who were experienced this crash 100% - no longer able to reproduce it. And the main tester was online for more than 6 hours in a row.
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