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First of all, we would like to welcome our best and beloved community! ❤️ We want to discuss with you the current state of D2, namely the next version.

As you already know, we decided to redesign the D2UI, including the menu mechanics itself, options and everything that goes with it, to make the menu itself much more usable and userfriendly, as well as to make it easier to write Lua scripts etc. It turned out as always - small changes grew into global ones, which, being a dependency of other modules, caused the reworking of these child modules, and as a result, the 2.1 branch is currently very large-scale and one of the largest updates in the entire DIS2RBED lifecycle. And of course, this new update will include new functionality as well as all of the previously unavailable sections.

We will keep releasing 2.0.XX updates with fixes and new minor features until version 2.1 release, but for now all our efforts are concentrated on the new update. So don't worry if the number of new releases has dropped drastically - we are preparing the biggest DIS2RBED release number 2.1 😉
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