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DIS2RBED v2.0.50 build 560 is available!


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- D2: Greatly improved Protex. There are still a few vulnerabilities, but we are already working on it, and in one of the next versions, Protex will work, if not against all known menus, then against most of the most popular ones.
- D2: Increased Recovery options limits to 10 for now.
- D2: Slightly changed Recovery -> Set Stats option.
- D2: Added Online Player -> Damage Player option. A lot of new toxic options are on the way and will be available in the next build.
- D2Lua: Fixed some handler bugs.
- D2Engine: Dozens of minor bugfixes, general improvements.

This update is more focused on Protex, which has a lot of changes and many more improvements on the way, as well as the aforementioned toxic options.
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