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DIS2RBED v2.0.50 build 553 is available!


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- D2: Added new Online options
- D2: Added LSC section
- D2: Added Recovery -> Acid Lab section
- D2: Added Recovery's options notifications
- D2: Fixed RID joiner
- D2: Fixed some Bunker options
- D2: Fixed Spoof God Mode & Spectator options
- D2: Greatly improved Protex
- D2UI: Fixed active options list
- D2UI: Fixed reinitialization crash as well as general reinit mechanic optimization and refactoring
- D2Engine: Dozens of fixes, improvements and general optimization
- D2Engine: Fixed Untrusted Content database logging
- D2Engine: Hooking refactoring, optimization
- D2Engine: Improved network module
- D2Engine: Improved some tasks routines
- D2Engine: Scripts fibers refactoring, optimization, debug logs
- D2Engine: Slightly optimized player & lobby services
- D2Engine: Vehicle Spawn generation fixes (fixed a problem that could lead to a crash)
- D2Lua: Added local.get_local_addr_hex(string scriptName, int local)
- D2Lua: Added menu.is_parent_active(int id)
- D2Lua: Added menu.is_parent_visible(int id)
- D2Lua: Added update_option_text_toggle
- D2Lua: Fixed update_option_text
- D2Lua: Changed menu.set_option_name, now it has overload (string hash/int id)

There are not as many changes as we would like, and this is because now work is underway on a complete redesign of the entire D2UI (both code and partially visual). A LOT of work has already been done and much more remains to be done. Ultimately, this will have a very positive effect on optimization, customization and overall convenience of D2UI.

P.S. After long discussions, we have decided to increase Recovery options usage limits for VIP users. The changes will take effect with the next version, because we need time to make the corresponding changes on the server. Stay in touch.

P.P.S. Yes, REDstone v1 is in progress and the work doesn't stop, I devote all my free time to this (obsolete) project. At the moment, we are completely removing the old network code from it (in particular the heartbeat system) and will soon add a new one, like in the D2 (as we said earlier - it will be free, but you will need a w1tch account). It turned out to be a little more difficult (more like a routine, long and monotonous work) than it seemed at first glance (speaking in the context of the ongoing work on D2).
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