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DIS2RBED v2.0.50 build 534 is available!


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- D2: Restored Recovery section:
>> Bunker Options
>> Night Club Options
>> Motorcycle Club Options
>> Casino Options
>> Unlocks Options
>> Levels Options
> Set Mental State
> Fast Run
> Restock Inventory
> Unlock Bunker Researches
> Unlock Outfits
> Unlock Vehicles
> Unlock LCS
> Unlock Chrome Rims
> Unlock Weapons
> Unlock Hairstyles
> Unlock Parachutes
> Unlock Tattoos
> Unlock Achievements

- D2: Added new spoofer options
- D2Engine: Now D2 working directory is in %programdata% instead of %appdata%. This will fix dozens of issues users have experienced due to unsupported characters in their Windows account name and so on. To save your settings - move your DIS2RBED working dir from %appdata% to the %programdata%. Or you can use the migration assistant in the new version of the launcher.
- D2Engine: Bugfixes and general optimization
- D2Engine: Fixed get_plr_index crash
- D2Engine: Fixed huge FPS drop issue.
- D2Engine: Fixed text options save bug.
- D2Engine: Now the font encoding in the filename is not case sensitive
- D2Lua: Fixed chat listener
- D2Lua: Fixed chat logger
- D2Lua: Fixed desync protection
- D2UI: Added "Disable Player Info" which disables online player info panel.
- D2UI: Added D2 Info Panel in the top right corner (you can disable it in the Interface settings).

Attention! All Recovery options have the "Untrusted Content" property, which means that you can use them only if you agree to enable the "Untrusted Content" mode, which means that you automatically agree that you take all risks and your feedback or complaints regarding the status of your account will not even be considered by the developer or the support team. Also some Recovery options have daily limits.
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