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DIS2RBED v2.0.49 build 503 is available!


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- D2: The entire hotkey module has been rewritten almost from scratch.
- D2: Restored RID Joiner.
- D2: Added “Copy RID To Clipboard” in the players section.
- D2: Added native support for almost all known controllers (check Settings -> Interface -> Menu Controls for gampad controls mapping). Binding and reading hotkeys now also work correctly.
- D2: Added input type listener (helper keys now change depending on which input method you use - keyboard or gamepad)
- D2: Added new color options
- D2: Added Recovery -> Restock Inventory.
- D2: Added Vehicles Mods -> Horn Boost.
- D2: Attempt to make Gravity Gun controls smoother by blocking .redundant game controls while Gravity Gun is active.
- D2: Fixed Kill Nearby Peds stuck bug.
- D2: Fixed personal vehicles list generation.
- D2: Fixed player info panel.
- D2: Fixed Remove Nearby Vehicles stuck bug.
- D2: Improved desync crash protection.
- D2: Minor protex improvements.
- D2: Teleport To Objective mini fix.
- D2Engine: Minor optimization of rendering and menu routines. Optimization is still in progress.
- D2Engine: Minor engine bugfixes.
- D2Engine: Removed redundant hooks.
- D2Engine: Fixed get_fps() function (both, for D2 and D2Lua). Now animations do not depend on the in-game slow-mo.
- D2Engine: All keycodes have also been changed, meaning key IDs start from 512 (see below).
- D2Engine: Key names have been changed, so don't forget to delete the old hotkey config.
- D2Engine: Hotkeys handler was moved from the scripts handler to the renderer.
- D2Engine: Fixed all known shortcomings of the obsolete hotkeys system (which migrated to D2 since D1).
- D2Engine: Fixed a key conflict which could cause incorrect processing of a hotkey if such a hotkey had already been assigned to an option before (most often this problem was observed in lua scripts).
- D2UI: Reworked helper colors, added new options for helper text/elemets
- D2UI: Added xbox buttons color highlights (three modes available - disabled, text, background, check Menu Style options)
- D2UI: Changed some existing menu elements colors (remove settings.json and default D2 theme if you're not using any custom one)
- D2UI: Added gamepad hotkey to the D2 initialization logo

- D2Lua: Function is_key_pressed now has 3 overloads:
* bool is_key_pressed(string key)
* bool is_key_pressed(int key)
* bool is_key_pressed(int key, int mod)

- D2Lua: Added new hotkeys related D2Lua options:
* void set_option_hotkey(string hash, string hotkey);
* void set_option_hotkey_inc(string hash, string hotkey);
* void set_option_hotkey_dec(string hash, string hotkey);
* string get_option_hotkey(string hash);
* string get_option_hotkey_inc(string hash);
* string get_option_hotkey_dec(string hash);
* bool is_hotkey_installed(string hash);
* bool is_hotkey_installed_inc(string hash);
* bool is_hotkey_installed_dec(string hash);


New key codes (for Lua Scripters):
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