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W1TCH Launcher 0.18 is available!


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- Added News tab
- Added D2 version check
- Added website link button
- Added ability to download D2 themes, lua scripts, translations etc. The launcher reads these files directly from the server, so if you want your theme/lua script/translation to appear in the launcher - publish it on the website in the download section in the appropriate (for a particular file) section.
- Added ability to switch logs between Launcher/D2 as well as copy any of them to the clipboard. Log D2 supports color highlighting.
- Added D2 resources download support (Models.json, Teleports.json, Vehicles.json). Launcher checks for these files in the working directory during the general update check and if any of the resource files are missing - it will download them.
- Added locales (translations) support. Run the new Launcher version at least once to create a default locales file (.\Locales\English.json), then close the launcher. Make a copy of the file English.json and rename it (a copy) for example to German.json (names with spaces aren't supported), then translate the lines in this file and save it. After the launcher starts, your translation will be loaded into the locales list and you will be able to change it in the settings.
- Decreased launcher width to 800 pixels
- Fixed app icon bug (app, taskbar)
- Fixed D2 dir path bug, because of which there were problems with downloading themes and saving translations. Now D2 locales/themes/etc are saving correctly (into the D2 work dir).
- Fixed injection button bug
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