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DIS2RBED v2.0.48 build 488 is available!


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- D2: Updated to work with 1.63 patch
- D2: Added Weapons -> Gravity Gun
- D2: Added Weapons -> Silent Aim
- D2: Added Weapons -> Trigger Bot
- D2: Removed redundant hooks
- D2: Bugfixes
- D2Engine: Bugfixes, impovements, optimization
- D2Lua: Fixed bug with some Vector2 functions
- D2UI: Fixed some elements positioning

Unfortunately, we did not have time to add a few new sections that we told you about earlier, for reasons not entirely dependent on us, but in the next update we will fix this, which will be released in the very near future, as soon as we test everything thoroughly :)

We also want to notify you that you can expect a new version of the launcher with support for automatic download and installation of plugins (themes, scripts, translations, etc.) within 2-3 days.

Attention! The latest patch contains some rather unexpected and controversial changes. Of course, it is simply impossible to study everything in 3 days, and we will pay attention to this in the coming days. In the meantime, use the menu wisely 😉
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