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Found 3 results

  1. What happened to DISTURBED? DISTURBED, due to constant Online updates from R*, got detected, and caused a minor ban wave amongst former DISTURBED users. There were also cases where newcomers accidentally used the menu during the detection phase, and got their account(s) banned. As far as things go, DISTURBED is no longer with us. What is DIS2RBED? Can I use it? DIS2RBED is the name for the rewritten DISTURBED menu, which as of June 7 2022, has been released in its Preview Edition state, to public. Unfortunately, at the current moment, only VIP users can use the Preview Edition of DIS2RBED. Basic users have to wait about 2 weeks. Please have patience. As a former DISTURBED user, do I have to buy my license(s) again? Fortunately, you don't. All the licenses have been transferred from the old website, and all our past licensed users will be able to use DIS2RBED without having to purchase again. Everything else can be found in the official "w1tch community" Discord server. Have fun!
  2. DISCORBED A clean D2 theme based on Discord INSTALLATION [ 1 ] Download the ZIP file attached below: DISCORBED 1.3.zip [ 2 ] Navigate to "%AppData%\Roaming\DIS2RBED\Themes". [ 3 ] Extract the ZIP file in ".\Themes\" folder. VERSION HISTORY
  3. Nothing is in the downloads tab (https://w1tch.net/files/) as of now.
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