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Found 4 results

  1. eifeks

    Cant do mission

    Whenever I try to start a mission or heist with my friend the host cant start the mission. How do I fix that?
  2. As said in the title, the game is crashing a ludicrous amount. It crashes randomly whenever I'm playing, and I believe a rollback will be needed. I would greatly appreciate if this was done soon but I understand delays happen. Currently on latest update, solo loading, no co-load.
  3. - the Game is Crashing when Spawning a Vehicle with a custom Hotkey (normal spawn works)
  4. So I wanted to drive around on my bike and i activated the seatbelt option, but I realized that i still kept falling off when i crashed into something. So i tried to reactivate the option thinking maybe it didnt work properly and then suddenly my character disappeared and only my bike was there and i couldnt move my camera. Tried to teleport a couple meters away hoping it would reset the camera, and it didnt. Ended up having to switch sessions. I did this twice, once while on the bike and once while standing next to it. Both times when i reactivated the seatbelt option my game ended up glitching. I dont know if its a mistake on my behalf or if its just a bug since the menu is still in development, so i just wanted to put this here.
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