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DIS2RBED v2.0.47 build 481 is available!


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- D2UI: Added experimental D2UI scaling option (Settings -> Interface -> Menu Themes Settings -> Menu Style Settings).
- D2: Fixed Recovery info data update bug
- D2: Fixed Save Settings option
- D2: Fixed VIP options bug
- D2: Removed resources & resources generation (Wlauncher v0.18 will be able to download em)
- D2Engine: Minor bugfixes and optimization
- D2Engine: Optimized looped routines
- D2Lua: draw_triangle_border_filled now has additional size parameter (string hash, bool draw, float x, float y, vector color, vector colorBorder, float size, bool borderFilled = true);
- D2Lua: Fixed does_option_exist

Taking into account the fact that changes in this build, although quite important (scaling, bugfixes, optimization), but not so critical and large-scale, we decided not to change the version. We would also really like to get feedback from you regarding scaling, which needs to be tested on various configurations.

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