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DIS2RBED & WLauncher news!


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So, we're done with some bugfixes and would like to share our plans for the next D2 and WLauncher updates.
Although you were already more or less informed about D2 in the post about 47th build update, we would like to add more information. We are done with the most important things in D2 and we are now focusing on restoring/adding content. We are also happy to announce that a scripter has joined our team, thanks to which all the progress will move faster.

For those who keep asking about the Recovery, we remind you - we have reviewed our decision regarding this section and decided to make it available much earlier and the work on it is in full swing.

What about the Launcher? Several versions in a row the Launcher has barely had any fundamental changes, because there was (and still is) a lot of work and it all had to be combined into one logical chain. We have to go through many iterations to make it as convenient and comfortable to use for the final users (you).
I am now working on it not as a developer, but as a user, thinking about whether it will be convenient for me to use and only on the basis of this I make decisions about changes and new features.

A little about what's ready at this moment and waiting for you in the 18th and 19th versions of the launcher
- Renewed UI.
- Launcher Theme support (WIP).
- News section.
- D2 resources manager (such as additional json files, presets etc).
- Addons manager (themes, locales, lua scripts... directly pulled from the website).
- Convenient logs management. A lot of work is being done to achieve a polished result, for your convenience.

To finish, we would like to show you some sketches of the new launcher 😉








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