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DIS2RBED Setup, Injection Tutorial & Troubleshooting


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Here's a setup tutorial and a brief list of common procedures to follow to avoid problems such as crashes or failed injections.

If you're having issues, make sure to read everything below.

This thread is a work in progress and will be subject to changes and additions as the time goes.

What's in here (in order of appearance):

- Launcher setup & menu injection
- Menu commands keys
- Troubleshooting practices & advices
- Common Errors troubleshooting

Setup & Menu Usage

Setup of the W1TCH Launcher & Menu Injection:

  • Automatic Installation (recommended): 


  • Manual Installation:

Pre-requisite: In order for the W1TCH Launcher to work correctly, .NET Core 3.1 is required, Download Here

You can download the official W1TCH Launcher from Downloads Section

[ 1 ] - Create a folder anywhere on your PC (Desktop will be fine, for example)
IMPORTANT: The path to the launcher must ONLY contain Latin characters! (Unsupported characters include - Cyrillic, Arab, Chinese, Korean, [...] full list here )
For example, if your OS Username contains non-latin characters, make sure to put the Launcher's Folder before, even in C:\ will be fine.

[ 2 ] - Unzip the content of WLauncher.zip in the folder you precedently created

[ 3 ] - Add an Anti Virus / Windows Defender exclusion for the launcher's folder and WLauncher.exe

[ 4 ] - Also add an exclusion for the DIS2RBED folder located in C:\ProgramData\

If you don't know how to add an exclusion here's a list of anti viruses (click on the name to get to the relative tutorial's page):

Windows Defender - Kaspersky - Bitdefender - Norton - McAfee - ESET - Avast - AVG - Malwarebytes

Adding an exclusion is a must, since injection issues (game crashing, menu not injecting at all) are mostly addressed to antivirus protection.


  • Running the launcher & injecting the menu:

[ 1 ] - Open the Launcher as Administrator (Right click on WLauncher.exe -> Run as Administrator) and login using your website Username & Password

[ 2 ] - If the Inject button is grayed out, make sure to have the latest version downloaded, click on the "Download" button or alternatively the "Check update" button. NOTE: The Inject button will stay grayed out until you start GTA.

[ 3 ] - IMPORTANT: Start up the game and load in Story Mode first, once FULLY loaded in, you can press the Inject button on the W1TCH Launcher.

[ 4 ] - Once the Injection is successfull (it takes around 15-30 seconds at most), press F4 in-game to open the menu.

Menu command keys:

F4 - Show/hide the menu
Up-down arrows (↕) - Move up/down within the menu
Left-right arrows (↔) - Select values / increment & decrement values
Enter - Enter / confirm / set values
Backspace - Back
Shift+Enter - Enter values manually
/ (Numpad) - Activate Noclip
F5 - Teleport to waypoint
F6 - Teleport to current objective (if possible)
F10 - Save current menu settings
F12 - Set Hotkey


General practices to follow in case injection fails / your game crashes:

[ * ] - Download and install the latest supported VCredist version from the official Microsoft website: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/cpp/windows/latest-supported-vc-redist?view=msvc-170

[ * ] - Delete the DIS2RBED folder located in %programdata% ( C:\ProgramData\ )

[ * ] - Set the GTA graphics to DirectX 11 and if possible Windowed (Borderless/non), eventually you might want to set the graphics to the lowest settings, this might help in case of crashes but it's not required.

[ * ] - Pause Game On Focus Loss should be off (GTA Settings -> Graphics, scroll all the way down and toggle OFF)

[ * ] - Disable any overlays that could cause conflict with the menu, (Discord, Xbox, Nvidia ... ).

[ * ] - Close any program/application that could directly cause conflict with the game & the menu, such as RAM Cleaners, Game Boosters, Debugging softwares, VMwares, Virtualization Softwares, Sandboxes...

[ * ] - Disable Hyper-V Tutorial Here

[ * ] - Verify the game files through your launcher (Steam/Epic/Rockstar).

[ * ] - If you have a controller plugged in, it is worth a try to unplug it and after that, inject the menu. You may re-plug the controller after the injection is successful.

[ * ] - Make sure that your drivers are up to date.

[ * ] - Make sure that your CPU supports SSE2 Instructions. Check your CPU model via website like https://www.cpu-world.com/ or applications like CPU-Z. Generally this is supported in all the modern CPUs and even older ones (Intel Core 2/3rd Gen for example), you might still want to make sure that your CPU does support SSE2 in case you're having crashes and all the other troubleshootings don't work. 

[ * ] - If you are using a Cloud PC / Virtual Machine of any type, the menu won't work.

Dealing with Launcher & D2 console errors:

  • "Authorization already granted" - This error means that you are already signed in from another device, remember that you cannot use the menu on two different devices/PCs at the same time.
  • "Authorization Denied" - Password or Login error. Make 100% sure that you're using the correct password, if you're unsure you can change password via Settings . If the password is correct but the error is still happening, you may want to try using your email as login instead of the username.
  • "Client version needs updating" - An update is required, pretty self explanatory. Usually the Launcher alerts the user when an update is available. Also could happen during server maintenances.
  • "You are denied access" - No license. In order to use DIS2RBED you must purchase a license.
  • "You cannot use this here" - HWID (Hardware ID) mismatch. At the moment DIS2RBED can be binded to one HWID only, if you used the menu on another PC/device of yours and are trying to use it on a different one, you must reset your HWID, you can do so via Keys Management & HWID Area . Click on the "Reset HWID" button on the bottom of the page.

    REMEMBER: Sharing your w1tch account with someone else goes against our Terms of Service, and will result in a suspension of your account & license(s).
  • "Failed to login" - Your W1TCH Launcher version is outdated. Make sure to download the latest one from Downloads Section

Still having issues?

Feel free to contact any member of the Staff or open a thread explaining your issue in details, we'll be happy to help you.

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Feel free to reach me via the forum PMs or Discord (@mrd4rio) for any questions or account related issues.

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