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Free Weekend & News 🥰

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We continue our almost traditional event, although we've skipped a couple of weekends, and today at 12:00 GMT+3 the Free Weekend event begins! 

Additionally, we are working on another significant update for the Requiem Engine. I have to admit that Part #3 didn't come without its issues, including some challenges with the "live" calibration of REflex profiles and some real-life issues, such as health problems. 

We plan to start calibrating profiles and testing this weekend, and next week you can expect RE 2.2.0 Part #3, which primarily focuses on improving protection, but also contains various new features and other improvements and bugfixes. 

After this, we'll return to regular (frequent) updates with new "gameplay" features, occasionally tweaking certain aspects of REflex, which will replace REprotex in one of the upcoming versions once everything has been thoroughly tested by our users and we are confident that everything works as it should.

REboost this weekend! ❤️‍🔥

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