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Requiem Engine (GTAO) v2.2.0.1957 | Part #1


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Work is still ongoing, and this is only the first part of version 2.2.0:

- REprotex has been significantly improved, and it is primarily for this reason that we decided to split the update into several parts, with the improved protection being released first.
- Basic users (as well as Free users) can now also use absolutely all Recovery functions.
- Numerous UI fixes.
- Many fixes for translations, typos, new lines moved to translation files.
- General optimization and refactoring of the code part responsible for the REprotex module (hooks and the like).
- Many minor fixes, which we won't even list, and the rest of the changes will be in Part #2 and Part #3.

Also, in the near future, we plan to hold similar events in the form of Free Weekends, at least until we restore the full functionality of the Trial version, on which internal work is already underway (more like a transfer logic from D2).

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