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Can't Download the latest D2 update


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Hi! I just DL the lastest Wlauncher, when i search for update it say's one is available ( but i can't install it 😕  

you can see the error below  

[02:00:59] New DIS2RBED [Release Branch] version is available!
[02:01:04] Downloading DIS2RBED [dll]...
[02:01:11] DIS2RBED [dll] downloaded successfully!
[02:01:11] Unpacking DIS2RBED...
[02:01:11] .: libraryFilePath not set
   at ..( )
   at ...ctor(String ?, String ?)
   at ..(String , String )
   at ..(String , String , )


Ty for your help !

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