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Failure to Inject


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Just upgraded to win 11, downloaded all the necessary dotnet files and vcredist, excluded dis2urbed from windows defender AV, all folders + the exe. GTA 5 is set to dx11, and I launch dis2urbed with admin privileges yet upon pressing inject, the CMD tab that usually opens does not, and the log instantly tells me this:


[08:02:59] Found GTA5.exe, process ID: #8360, injecting...
[08:02:59] Memory allocated...
[08:02:59] Writing DIS2RBED into process...
[08:02:59] Creating thread...
[08:03:00] DIS2RBED has been successfully injected.

although no injection is apparent in game. (No CMD tab open, f4 doesn't open anything, nothing changes in game.

thank you.

Screenshot 2023-06-24 201144.png


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