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    Version 2.9.17


    Options WorldEdit AddMode - Aim and shoot an entity to add it into ur database DelMode - AIm and shoot an entity to delete it in the game world (works only with non in DB entities) Rescan XMLs - there is a menyoo XMLs support so u can add them even without leaving the game and getting them in the script by clicking this button List box with your XMLs (you can divide them in 3 groups in the settings) Load - obviously, loads selected XML Game world Settings - Peds, Vehicles, Objects - choose entities' types which you want to interact with All - applies on all types Delete nearby selected - chosen entities' types (above) are getting deleted in the game world 180 deg. rotation - chosen entities' types (above above) are getting rotated Peds - applies on peds only Aggressive peds - peds will become cops with miniguns (any illegal action will cause their aggression on u or other players) Animation - applies animation on all peds in the stream area Vehicles - applies on vehicles only Weird traffic - NPC's vehicles will drive backwards Accelerate vehicles - obviously Objects - applies on objects only *No options yet* World List box with all entities on ur stream area. Clicking on entity will add it into ur DB Update the list - uncheck and new entities wont be added into that list Pedestrians | Vehicles | Objects Text entry to search for an entity with the specified name (case sensitive) List box with current section type entities Spawn chosen - entity String slider (TOC, TOC^-1) - sorts spawned entities in the list below in Time Of Creation order (TOC^-1 - last spawned first) Selection-deletion settings String slider (Delete everywhere, Delete only from database) - delete from DB and game world OR delete from DB only Select all - entities Select first $value - select first $value entities in DB (doesnt depend on sort order) List with spawned entities - click to select *If any selected then there appears several sections with some options* Change coords and rotation Entity parameters - see in Menyoo (everything in XML file except some static info and mainly Properties) Entity customs - see in Menyoo (everything in XML file only in Properties) Only vehicles sections! LSC - section whwre you can set ModExtras, Neons and Colours of the CURRENT vehicle. If ur current vehicle not in the DB it will automatically be added while this section is opened. You can also save only colours (neons and colours) or only mods (mods and modextras) LSC loader - Only mods can be applied on only the same vehicle. There's a hint Records - in this section you can create and then save colors animation. See in the script Vehicle handling editor - Mostly all known handling settings. You can sort and rename them in the file C:\ProgramData\Requiem\Data\Lua\WorldEdit\resources\vehicle.lua (DO NOT change hex values) Vehicle handling loader - Saved can be applied on any current vehicle. But if current vehicle is the same when it was created there's green color Weapon handling editor - Mostly all know handling settings You can sort and rename them in the file C:\ProgramData\Requiem\Data\Lua\WorldEdit\resources\weapons.lua (DO NOT change hex values) Weapon handling loader - Saved can be applied on any current weapon. There's also auto applying you can set before saving in the section above Settings - Several settings and all of them with the hints Files If u want to share your files go to C:\ProgramData\Requiem\Data\Lua\WorldEdit\data in your file explorer Animations folder stores all Records files Handlings folder stores all Vehicle handling files Tuning folder stores all LSC files Weapons folder stores all Weapon handling files Misc If you have any suggestions or bug reports please provide them on the discord server
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