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On 9/4/2022 at 3:41 PM, 10BamberJ said:

Been here for quite afew years and I come back to nearly everything being VIP? what happened and is VIP worth it now?

Actually pretty much most of the menu options are available to Basic users too. Recently some options have been added and made for VIP only, however as stated in the official changelog, they will be made available for Basics too over the time (more infos here, https://w1tch.net/topic/806-dis2rbed-v2041-is-available/#comment-3572 )

Do not get fooled by the greyed out options, those are not available at all, the menu is in preview edition and missing features/options are getting gradually added.

For its price, VIP is still worth it, both for the VIP only features and for all the various extras you get such as exclusive access to any future product and the possibility to become a Tester together with the access to pre-releases.



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