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Denial of responsibility about using GTAV Platform Switcher


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I, TechnoStone, aka TechnoSt0ne, Switcher dev, TechnoSt.one maintainer, [email protected], claim that if YOU use Platform Switcher, you acknowledge that it's ONLY at your own risk, and all consequenses with your W1TCH, in-game and other accounts are not result of any activity caused by using Platform Switcher, as it physically can't do anything other than copy files from "Switcher" directory to game folder and modify registry keys affiliated to Steam and Epic editions detection by Rockstar's launcher. Neither it's a result of using W1TCH's software. YOU do NOT have permission to blame me especially and W1TCH team for any results of your suspicious activity while not following ToS of each service individually. YOU admit that YOU have weighted all risks and agreed to all possible results and punishments for any violation(s) before using any of products.

Affected products:
GTAV Platform Switcher (gta5-mods, technost.one, source: soon™️)
W1TCH's software (w1tch.net, source: won't be open for you at least)

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Do you have all launchers' GTAV editions? Do you want 200 GB of free storage instead of endless copies of this game? Use Platform Switcher. But please, watch tutorials with attention, I won't help with stupid issues. Make sure you have permission to write to game folder, otherwise run tool as admin.

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