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Crash few minutes after injection


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Here's the situation:

Game loaded as usual in single mode, starting launcher and inject D2. After few minutes doing stuff, no matter what, even leaving game alone it crashes to desktop.

Steps taken:

  • - all rules from D2 manual are kept (antivirus exlusions, drivers, admin rights, virtualization etc...)
  • - reinstalled game,
  • - reinstalled Windows,
  • - Windows started with clean start (no additional services),
  • - game deployed in various settings (DX10, DX11, low settings etc...)

The error always goes from ntdll.dll, according to Event Log. I even took over rights to it and replaced with "fresh" .dll file.

One thing I noticed is that menu started doing problems after update where Infinite Ammo option was added.





Zrzut ekranu (27).png

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Hello, thanks for reporting the issue, seems like a common issue between some users, as of now some managed to solve it by reinstalling the game, however seems like it's not working for everyone. I've forwarded the issue to the dev team and they're aware of it.

Also, check your PMs.


Feel free to reach me via the forum PMs or Discord (mrd4rio) for any questions or account related issues.

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