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Playboy x Carbon Fiber by Elsklig


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Menu with border:

2058404477_Screenshot(28)-min.png.b5f0a127d5887ca6debac33b634b0a41.png   image.png.b03c7778d6cae4e6ba3373f3183241b7.png


Menu without border:

image.png.bd5c82bf4af7e5c89fdd6bd5e12068f0.png  image.png.39c074619740a1e6be0b72dae997ed52.png


Playboy without border.zip Playboy with border.zip

How to install:

- Download the theme archive

- Navigate to %appdata%/Roaming/DIS2RBED/Themes

- Extract the folders in the zip file in the Themes

If you don't have the Themes folder, manually create it and extract the custom themes folder(s) in there.

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