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Watch Dogs 2 Like theme


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You like WD2? Wanted some theme what looks like phone of hacker? Here you go!

Theme preview:


Download: WD2 like D2 theme.zip

How to install:

- Download the theme archive

- Navigate to %appdata%/Roaming/DIS2RBED/Themes

- Extract WD2 like D2 theme folder(s) in Themes

1. Do it supports Cyrillic symbols? 
1.a Yea!
2. It looks kinda strange
2.a Yep, good thing that you didnt saw really first version of it where i used mine drawing skills. it was awfull...
3. Do you gonna support it?
3.a Ill try, + i want to make it better, but if you have much better skills than mine... Improve it, why not?


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Updated theme
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